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the namesake of our company, is an Anglo-Saxon word for leader. The word entered the English language through the Germanic settlers who invaded England between the 5th and 7th centuries AD. Heretoga was used to refers to military commanders and leaders. The word summons a whole spectrum of meanings, such as leadership, innovation, reconnoitering and responsibility. It was the expressive power of the word that inspired us to name our company Heretoga. It captures many of our core values, namely creativity, leadership and excellence.

About Us

Who we are

Who we are

Heretoga has been founded with a thorough understanding of the learning & training cycle for both short and long courses. We are a leading interactive source of training solutions that delivers worldwide. We draw on the latest training and professional developments to help individuals and corporations achieve their business goals. As we are fully aware of the benefits professional training and certification can bring to your organization, we rely on an outstanding team of experts and tutors to design self-paced courses in a wide range of fields.

In its endeavor to reach more industries, Heretoga works hard to diversify its products that range from learning and training kits, certification, production of video tutorials, invoicing, event management, gamification and material Arabization. By material Arabization we mean more than the translation into Arabic. It is an all-encompassing approach to training that takes into consideration cultural specificities, localization, cultural values, and specific training needs. It is a culture-based approach meant to make the training experience not only effective but also pleasurable.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Heretoga enacts its vision in three ways: delivering industry-specific training solutions, enhancing the development of human capital and developing self-paced consulting solutions.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Customer focus: to minimize the customer’s efforts to get informed

  • Integrity: We are responsible, transparent and collaborative

  • Creativity: We value innovation and a forward- looking approach to learning and training.

  • Leadership:We strive to achieve leadership in the field of vocational training.

  • Excellence: We apply the highest standards of excellence to the design and delivery of training methods.

Our Vision

Our Vision

  • 11Changing your business without changing your staff
  • 22Helping trainers help themselves
  • 33To bring inspiration and innovation to every professional in your business.
  • 44To transform your business by ensuring that every professional is well on the track.
What we do

What we do


You are unique! So is Heretoga. We engage distinguished professionals, tutors and curricula designers to provide a wide range of training and learning kits. Heretoga recognises the importance of an individual’s aspirations and their need to invest these aspirations in the right opportunity by making them as the centre of the learning cycle by getting them ALWAYS involved not ONLY informed.


Through our outstanding customer service and our flexible approaches, we deliver self-paced training programs, consultation and technical support to cater for your unique needs. We will gladly partner with you to bring positive change to your company. In an ever-changing environment Heretoga is always working hard to achieve its objectives through the development of strategic alliance and business partnerships as well as adapting to emerging markets’ needs. We deliver three sets of solutions, targeting three different.

Why choose heretoga

Why choose heretoga

At Heretoga, every customer is unique and special. We are committed to quality and customer support. Our success testifies to our dedication to premium training solutions. A few things single us out from our competitors:

Training Ease:

Our training and learning materials and clear and easy to follow. Our learning material is broken down into easy and accessible units.


Heretoga excels at providing pocket-friendly training courses without compromising on quality.


We offer you complete and unlimited access to your training kit. Once purchased, the training material is all yours. Moreover, we bring state of the art professional training to your fingertips.

Customizable Materials:

Aside from a wide range of ready-to-take training kits, Heretoga works closely with its customers to develop training materials that go with their specific needs.

Our Services

Heretoga experts deliver a wide range of customizable and flexible training solutions to meet your unique needs. The diversity of our services and the quality of our customer support are meant to provide individuals and corporations with an exceptional learning process. Our learning cycle is one where quality, innovation and enjoyment are harmoniously blended. We reach out to you to bring a positive change to your organization.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you!

We deliver three sets of solutions, targeting three different audiences:

  • Corporate solutions
  • Individual solutions
  • Our Signature solutions (solutions where Heretoga is a pioneer and a champion).
Our Signature

Our Signature

  • Coach the Coach training
  • Certified Training Specialist
  • Certified Training Manager
  • Certified Specialized Trainer
  • Credit Telephone Collection Skills
  • Digital Awareness
  • Digital Selling
  • Digital Leadership Professional
  • Social Media for Business
  • E-Learning Specialist
  • Workforce Management
  • KPI’s
  • Experiential Learning & Gamification
  • Negotiation Professionals
  • Train the trainer
  • Serving in Public Services
  • Specialized Course our signature: Franchise, Exhibition and PR & Media Management
Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Video Tutorial Production

Heretoga video tutorial production services target individuals and corporations who are on the look-out for customized tutorials on well-defined skills or expertise. These tutorials help the learner to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The provide practical applications of the skills and knowledge being learnt to real-life situations.

Learning Gamification

There is no better way to add some motivation to what one is learning than a few game elements. We offer gamification services in:



Trainer & Training Professional Back Office Support:

We offer a wide range of services to the industry professionals. Not limited to invoicing and proposed technical solutions, certified courses and diversity of modules and material kits. Contact Us to find out where we can add values to our partnering.

Event Management Training:

Our event management specialists are glad to make your training functions more enjoyable and to be documented by social media testimonials and actionable feedback backs. Investing a small flat fee and get a branding experience and smart exposure in social media ROI.

  • Photo booth
  • Grammi award photo style.
  • Certification Printing & Photo shooting
  • Filming & Editing
  • Anecdotal feedback – What did they say about it? (Testimonials)
  • Poster for the course
  • Interviews with the managers and how they think of it.
Individual Solutions

Corporate Solutions

E-learning Courses & Certification:

Every professional should desire to become better and further develop their skills and knowledge. However, for eLearning professionals this becomes even more urgent since the eLearning industry is so innovative and volatile. Our e-learning courses and certification include Mock exams and Final exam per industry in accordance with quality standards. We currently cover the following:

  • Foundation for Call Center
  • Foundation for Retail Service
  • Foundation for Retail Selling
  • Foundation for Outdoor Corporate Selling
  • Foundation for Supervisors in CC
  • Foundation for Supervisors in Operation
  • Advance Call Center Agents Skills
  • Cross Selling & Upselling over the phone


Heretoga certification services provide reliable and widely recognized certification to crown the learning cycle. Affiliated with several learning & educational business schools. We certify your materials according to our international standards. Our certification services include:

Certified courses

Certified material

Certified trainers

Certification assessments and exams

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