The namesake used in the old English Language to represent the Leader, the Commander. Here (Army) + Toga (Leader).

The word summons a whole spectrum of meanings, such as leadership, innovation, reconnoitering and responsibility.

It was the expressive power of the word that inspired us. It captures many of our core values, namely Unity, Creativity, Leadership and Commitment.


Being business mediator never been easy. Heretoga founded with a thorough understanding of the challenges learning and development industry facing because of dynamic, demographic and economic changes around the globe.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who brings to the table opportunities that maximize the potentials for learning professionals in Europe and Middle East. Bridging the communication gaps, speeding up the partnering process, localizing and facilitating the projects implementation between East and West are keys for long terms relations that leads to maximum profits for everyone.

Our agility managing large scale training and learning projects as well as executing unique training requirements in UK and Middle East helped us and our customers to design smart solutions to for both parties. Our Signature courses are widely appreciated by our customers and L&D communities.


We engage distinguished professionals, tutors, public speakers and curricula designers to provide a wide range of training and learning kits.

Heretoga recognizes the importance of an individual’s aspirations and their need to invest and focus in the right opportunity by making them as the centre of the learning and people development cycle.

We deliver self-paced training programs, consultation and technical support to cater for your unique needs.

We will gladly partner with you to bring positive change to your training experiences. In an ever-changing environment.

Heretoga is always working hard to achieve its objectives through the development of strategic alliance and business partnerships.


Paving The Methods for Upgrading People’s Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.


To Improve The Training and Learning Experience by Lifting The Status, Standards and Quality Of Delivery Methods.



We appreciate the human capital
by providing quality learning.


We move quick, act sharp
and think lean.


We are confident of our areas
of expertise.


We value innovation, forward
looking approaches and ideas.


Our experts deliver a wide range of customizable and flexible learning solutions to meet your unique needs. The diversity of our services and the high quality offerings, meant to supports our customers and provides an individuals and corporations with an exceptional experience.


Our methodology cycle is one of where quality, innovation and enjoyment are harmoniously blended. We outreach to bring a positive change & add value and move to the next level.

Training Department Certification:

  • Certified Training Manager
  • Certified Training Specialist
  • Certified E-learning Specialist
  • Certified Experiential Learning Trainer
  • Certified Master Trainer *CMT

Selective Skills Courses:

  • Digital Selling Skills
  • Digital Leadership Skills
  • Serving In Public Services Skills
  • Crises & Media Management Skills
  • Complex Data Presentation Skills

Specialized Courses:

  • How To Buy A Franchise
  • Franchise Your Business
  • Exhibition Representative Skills
  • Me No Speak English!
  • Entrepreneurs Certification Program

Our event management specialists are glad to make your training functions more enjoyable and to be documented by social media testimonials and actionable feedback backs. Investing a small flat fee and get a branding experience and smart exposure in social media roi.

Public Speakers Service:

Looking for publics speakers for you corporate or public functions. We are happy to facilitae the agreements and source you the speakers that fits in your events from around the world.

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Motivational Speaking

Training Event Management:

  • Photo Booths
  • Grammi Award Photo Shooting
  • Certification Closing Functions
  • Professional Filming
  • Anecdotal Feedback – Experience
  • Social Media Announcements

Maximize your courses experience through activities and board games that simulate your operational and functional needs

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One of the most wide spread experiential and learning by doing games. Available in arabic language manuals.

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Video Production And Business Simulation Activates:

Converting dull manuals, p&p, catalougues and raw data into infographic slides and videos to became trainable yet joyful to learn.

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If you looking to explore new markets, franchise your learning or training business or you are looking to open training business or add new solutions. Book you free 1 hour to share with us your thoughts and We share with you our experience in several countries.

Areas We Can Advise:

Looking for publics speakers for you corporate or public functions. We are happy to facilitae the agreements and source you the speakers that fits in your events from around the world.

  • Partnerships and Franchise
  • Materials Standarization
  • E-learning Production
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Certification Roadmap Design
  • Training and Learning Programs


We support your organization with recognized international certificates to complement the development roadmap you aiming to achieve for your team.

  • Contact Center Certificates
  • Training Certificates
  • Sales Certificates
  • Customer Experience Certificates

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